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Sad day at work

Seeing people do extraordinarily strange things that it makes you wonder. Wonder what? Why they are doing that thing, or simply not understanding yourself why a person; a human being would do such a thing. Today, I saw something that made me think these things. A typical day at work I saw an act so despicably insensitively unhuman it made me sick. A couple in a car pulled up to my window grinding their teeth with a sense of pain. Their eyes were hardly open and hazy. Indeed this couple was high off of outer space. A strong chemical smell was emanating from their vehicle. A fellow coworker also could smell something was off. In the back of the car we could see a baby in a car seat. Instantly I felt so many emotions of anger and hate all at once. These parents were intoxicated beyond belief while driving with a baby in the back seat. Instantly I went to inform my manager of the situation. My manager gave the couple their food and told them to have a great night without causing too much alarm. She got the license plate number and called the cops.

            She told us that she could see a blade sticking out of the woman’s sock in the vehicle. My guess is that she didn’t want to endanger the lives of the people in the restaurant if she said anything to set the couple off and come inside. Personally I would have asked them to park their vehicle and wait for the cops to show up. I would rather risk my own life to save the child sitting in the backseat. My thoughts kept worrying about their car crashing somewhere and the baby ending up dead. I would never allow such a thing to happen no matter what. Sadly they left the restaurant while hopefully some cops were searching the area for the car. Usually after a serious incident I’m able to lighten the mood and move on, but after this night all I can do is stay silent and write how I am feeling. I felt and feel nothing but anger frustration, and extreme sadness for not being able to control the situation and for the poor child in the hands of the most non caring parents.

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